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  • Where to Find OEM Steamer Parts

    If your commercial steamers are no longer functioning as they should and need maintenance, you may be wondering where to find OEM steamer parts and cleaner that are manufacturer recommended. The answer is simple: you’ll find everything that you’ll ever need, and more, right here at GP-PartsDirect. [...]

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  • OEM Parts for Foodservice Equipment

    Here at GP-PartsDirect, we specialize in the sale of OEM replacement parts for all types of commercial kitchen equipment, offering you access to the world’s most trusted brands. Here is a basic overview of essential foodservice equipment types for which we stock replacement OEM parts that you will be able to purchase from our online store or by calling our 800 number:


    • Parts for Steamers 

    Our wide selection of steamer parts include such items as door gaskets, handles & latches, ignition components and electronic controls. We also carry a full line of steamer care products from water filters to descaling solutions.


    • Parts for Ovens 

    With over 26,000 different sku’s in stock, we’re sure to have the right parts for your oven. We carry a wide variety of thermostats, gas valve, controls, oven racks and door gaskets to help keep your oven operating at peak efficiency.


    • Parts for Refrigeration Equipment 

    From under counter coolers to walk in freezers, we have the commercial kitchen equipment parts that you need. Door gaskets, cold controls, fan motors and shelf racks are just a few of the items we carry for leading manufacurers of refrigerated foodservice equipment.


    • Parts for Ice Making Equipment 

    Yes, we carry cleaners and sanitizers along with critical components such as water pumps, thermostats, ice sensors, water valves and more, for all brands of commercial ice machines.


    • Parts for Processors

    Accessories for your food processor? No problem! We stock cutting bowls, lids, cutting blades, discharge plates and operational components for all the leading brands.


    • Parts for Mixers 

    At GP-PartsDirect, you will always find a wide selection mixing bowls, beaters, whips, and dough hooks as well as those critical electrical parts you need to maintain your mixer.


    So, if you are searching for a part, need help in identifying a particular component, or need a parts/ technical service manual, we’re her to help. You can count on us to go that extra mile.

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  • How to Choose the Right Steamers for Your Commercial Kitchen

    Are you thinking of adding a commercial steamer to your kitchen or perhaps replacing an existing one? Perhaps you simply need commercial steamer parts to repair your existing system?   With so many available on the market today, how exactly do you go about choosing the right one? Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when making this all-important decision:

    Pay Attention to Size 

    Commercial steamers vary greatly in size. So, before you choose one, be sure that you know just how often you will be using it. This will depend entirely on your menu, as well as on the size of your kitchen and the number of guests you can seat in your restaurant.

    Convection vs. Pressure Steamers 

    Convection and pressure steamers are the two most popular types of commercial kitchen steamers, both with their own pros and cons:

    • Pressure steamers are a good choice if you are going to be working with denser foods such as turkey and potatoes.
    • Convection steamers, on the other hand, are known for being multifunctional and can carry out cooking tasks other than steaming including poaching, thawing, and even par-cooking.

    The Sandwich Steamer 

    A sandwich steamer is another option to consider if you own a café as opposed to a fully-fledged restaurant with a more complicated menu. Sandwich steamers are smaller and designed to fit effortlessly onto a countertop for your convenience. You can also use them to steam smaller portions of vegetables – the perfect side dish for the health-conscious! Lastly, they are a lot less expensive than some of the other larger alternatives out there.


    Need more help finding the right steamer? Another great resource to help you make the right selection for your needs is to visit your local foodservice equipment dealer or rep. Finding your local resources has never been easier, simply visit for dealers or for rep groups.


    Once you have chosen the perfect commercial steamer for your kitchen, you will need to maintain it in order to ensure that it remains in tip top condition. If ever you require replacement parts for repairs or maintenance, be sure to get in touch with GP-PartsDirect! We specialize in OEM replacement parts and manufacturer recommended care items for commercial steamers, as well as all other forms of commercial foodservice equipment. Give us a call today!

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  • Welcome to our new web store! The quick and easy way for the food service industry to purchase OEM parts and consumable goods.

    Here at GP Parts Direct, we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our brand new website, making it easier than ever before to get your hands on the quality food service equipment parts that you need, when you need it! [...]

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    1920's South Bend wood burning range -The latest piece restored and displayed in the General Parts Museum in Waukesha, WI

    In 1898 Jacob Woolverton and William Kizer, two South Bend real estate agents, established the Malleable Steel Range Manufacturing Company to make coal and wood fired kitchen ranges. [...]

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  • GP Museum - Garland Range

    DID YOU KNOW? That this is just one of many restored items on display in our General Parts Museum located within our Distribution Center in Waukesha, WI? All items are restored as closely as possible to their original condition, like the Garland Range shown in the photo. [...]

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  • Why General Parts Group Values it’s CFESA Membership

    The Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) was created in 1963 as a trade association to represent professional service companies and parts distributors. [...]

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  • Five Musts to Understand About Your Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer Warranty

    Doing all you can to ensure you have smooth running foodservice equipment is paramount for your commercial kitchen operation. [...]

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  • How often should I get my Ice Machine Serviced?

    We know how important general maintenance and preventive service is to ensuring the consistent quality product you strive for, and your patrons have come to expect. [...]

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  • Sometimes Food Equipment Service Issues Are Not What They Appear

    “Help! My kitchen is too hot to work in!” Sound familiar? On receiving such a service call, we know we have to send one of our many “combination” technicians. [...]

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