Why O.E.M. Parts Matter


Choosing a piece of restaurant equipment can be a long and painstaking process. Consideration has to be given not only to functionality but also to reliability, size, installation requirements and operating costs. The final decision is often the one that offers the best return on your investment.

We understand that this investment is pivotal to your kitchen success and that the longer the equipment’s operational life, the greater your return will be. The lifespan of commercial foodservice equipment can range from 5 to 25 years depending equipment type and maintenance frequency.  What is certain is that this equipment should be productive for a significant period of time, and that life cycle can be extended through proper operational care and maintenance.

During this lifespan you should expect certain components to wear and perhaps even fail. These occurrences have been planned for by the manufacturer by designing equipment that allows components to be easily replaced; indeed this is one of the key areas that helps set commercial equipment apart from residential equipment.

When your equipment needs service, there are two things that can be done to protect equipment lifespan. First, be sure to select a manufacturer trained and certified technician and second, insist on genuine O.E.M. replacements parts. Both of these strategies promote repair and maintenance quality, and ensure that your equipment is maintained at the original manufacture specifications. This specification is vital; it was the original reason for the selection of the equipment, and is the single most important factor for maximizing the return on your investment. In addition O.E.M. parts are warranted by the manufacturer giving the equipment owner additional protection.

Here at GP-PartsDirect we exclusively sell O.E.M. parts as well as manufacturer recommended care items. In doing so we are supporting operators in their quest for maximizing product quality, consistency and return on investment all at the same time!